I love the way

I love the way
Your red-hot lips dance
When you lie to me you love me – forever and a day!

I love the way
Your brown eyes glint
When I lie to you I’ve got a gift – chocolate and chardonnay!

I love the way
Our hands move pawns
When we meet to play – I’ve won today!

Three posts today – I taste accomplishments!(Don’t burst my bubble, it’s been a long minute since I’ve posted here – I’ve been  a closet poet the whole while, and happened to fall in love with -)
Does your love feel like chess?
Comment your experience down below and hopefully, you’re not alone!

One day…

One day I’ll be a prolific writer, to
Wow the world with my words.
Not just to wow, no,
But to inspire and change the world.
One day, I’ll be a prolific writer,
But I’ve got to make it past
Day one.

A one draft wonder! At least, for the moment, until I see it later and decide it’s too horrible for my eyes and hit the delete button 😉
Meanwhile, isn’t it what every writer feels on day one?